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Let me just say, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to blog/share/post this session! This is by far one of my most favorite family sessions, and yet, I’ve been keeping it all to myself.

I fell in love with everything from this session – the family, the wardrobe, the location. It was nice getting out of my element, out of the fields, and to give my allergies a break for once. We met in San Francisco, started at a cute little coffee shop and walked down to a well-known alley way to take advantage of the awesome artwork it had to offer.

They were absolute naturals in front of the camera, requiring little to no guidance on my part, allowing me to just focus on their connection  – their love for each other – and all their excitement as a family.

Just look. You’ll see what I mean…


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Oh my, how I love this little girl and her family! I have had the honor of being this family’s photographer since her big brother’s cake smash 2yrs ago. I know from watching my own children grow that time flies by way to fast, but being allowed to watch all of these beautiful babies grow and families expand, it truly puts it in perspective. Needless to say, they hold a special place in my heart:)

So, back to the session…

This was clearly a session for Isela, but if you are a mother of 2 or more, you know that you want to include your other children at some point during the session – to help celebrate, to help show the family bond, to help create a bigger story. And a story we told:)

It starts off as a party of 1 – all is fun and fine. We invite her big brother in – now its twice the fun:)

But when it came time to dig into the cake, things got a little interesting. Well….tell us what you think happened (based off of the pictures below)….

Glitz & Glory Photography_19

Glitz & Glory Photography_26

Glitz & Glory Photography_28

Glitz & Glory Photography_29

Glitz & Glory Photography_30

Glitz & Glory Photography_31


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Now, I have to admit, I am always so blown away when I have a family willing to drive hours just to get to me….because it’s not about the convenience, it’s because they truly value my work!

Here is one of those special families:)they traveled many many miles to have a session with me – not once, but twice!! And to me, that is amazing. I know that there must be dozens, if not hundreds, of photographers in their area, but they chose ME!


We first met for their maternity session, which you can view here, and it was beautiful! So when they contacted for a cake smash session, I couldn’t help but get excited.

Glitz & Glory Photography_10

We planned for the same location, and much to my surprise, mom and dad even wore the same outfit. They were my first, and only, family to do this so far – and I love the idea!! There is just something so sweet about it – like a nice little reflection on how they have evolved and grown as a family….kinda takes my breath away:)

This was my first time ever meeting Mia, and she was such a doll!! Being that the weather was chilly, she sure was a trooper, but I know I would tough it out for some cake too 😛

Glitz & Glory Photography_13




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It seems like it was just yesterday that I was entering as a freshman in high school, ready to be a big kid and take on the world. I couldn’t wait!

Our high school is the only high school in the whole city, with over 4,000 students, so I was bound to meet new people and make more friends. Within the first week friendships shifted, new groups were formed, and crushes were made:)

I met my husband in P.E….I know, super romantic…and we started “going out” (by that, I mean we stayed at school and hung out at our 10 minute break because we didn’t have the same lunch period). We were 14!

I wont go into all the details, but obviously there is a really long and magical story about our relationship, because here we are, married with 2 kids…and turning 30!!

Seriously…where did the time go??

Anyways, back to why we are really here….

Mario turned 30 on February 14th, and I wanted to make it super special and unforgettable. I can’t take all the credit for this weekend’s celebration, because it was actually my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s idea to have a party. But together, we managed to host a party fit just for him and complete with all of his favorites.




Now, if having a fun, friend-filled party wasn’t enough, we decided to be super spontaneous and crazy. To prove that 30 is the new 20, Mario and I decided to pack up the kids at 5am the next morning and drive down to Disneyland for the day (technically a day and a half), and it was totally worth it!! I’d be lying if I said we weren’t tired today, but hey, it was fun:)




Glitz & Glory Photography_219

…here’s to 30 years, with many more to come!!





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Glitz & Glory Photography_2

In a previous (but recent) post, I mentioned it to be “rare” for me to do in-studio cake smash sessions, and I just want to clarify a little, as it may be a little misleading after reading this post:)

THIS session, was my VERY first in-studio session…like, ever! Due to my scheduling, this little cutie’s birthday, and the holidays, we didn’t have much of a choice but to squeeze her cake smash in as part of the Holiday Mini-Sessions.

The space was already decorated, props already on hand, we just needed a sweet baby girl and a cake to complete the set. We agreed to swap out Santa for cake, and we made magic happen!

As suspected (based off of our prior family session), Baby “C” was such a trooper! She is so much fun to be around, and I am not gonna lie, I am a fan of her parents singing:)Their songs and dancing make my heart smile…you can’t help but enjoy being around them!

Anyways, here is a little look into one of my firsts (and one of my favorites)…

Glitz & Glory Photography_5Glitz & Glory Photography_8

Glitz & Glory Photography_12


Glitz & Glory Photography_17

Glitz & Glory Photography_18


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