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I have always had a passion for all things creative, but in 2009 my world took an amazing turn.

I was 23, a new mom, and recently engaged. Everywhere I turned there was a camera – documenting my son, my engagement, our family, our love. It was an exciting time, to say the least.

One year later, I was a bride and expecting baby #2!! The birth of my daughter was eye opening. Something about having two babies made me realize how much I wanted to succeed in something meaningful – something I created on my own – something that made my heart happy. I guess to be proof that they can be/do anything they want.

So, in 2011 I quit my managerial role at an Oral Surgeon’s office and picked up a “professional camera” for the first time. I put my 2 college degrees, Liberal Arts & Mass Communication, to use and started Glitz & Glory Photography.


My inspiration has always stemmed from my children. They are wild and crazy, sweet and sassy, funny and determined, and all around just beautiful kids. They are the definition of Glitz and Glory. From the sparkle in Sadie’s eyes and the glitter on her shoes, to the dirt on Gavin’s hands and the amount of pride in his heart. With them, I have the ability to see life through the eyes of a child…and it is amazing!!

Just as I photograph my own family, and all of life’s precious moments, I look forward to creating the same unique, special photography for you which will remind you of those important milestones in your life for years to come.

Remember your special yesterdays for all your beautiful tomorrows.


Jessica Guerrero